UniBlimp contact

In air like a fish in water

UniBlimp concept is invented and represented by Mr Aleksandar Mijatović working professionaly and exclusively in design and production of LTA's since 1999. Some of the works, prototypes and projects acomplished last 20 years can be seen at www.rc-zeppelin.com

Personal references: Skylifter Australia, Airbus, Solar Blimp Switzerland, 12 m side vectored Airship Germany, „The end of night“ National Geographic, Aerospace USA, Above-UAV USA, Embry-Riddle USA, Ocean Clean-Up Netherlands, Cylindrical Wind generators UK, Archeology Conservation Low Altitude Photography,... and many, many more projects in the last 20 years.

Where and how

UniBlimp in flight

Demo Flight on demand

We organize a demo flight of the UniBlimp with a 6.5 m model.
Several hours of demo flight on a private Airfield close to Belgrade is 1.700 Euro.
Demo Flight has to be prearranged at least 10 days in advance.
See yourself the unique characteristics of UniBlimp.