The next RC Airships generation
Solar or Battery Power or Both

Maximizing 1m3 = 1kg ratio trough Unique Low Aerodynamic resistant design

6:1 Envelope ratio or better
Low drag and resistance

We have "squized" the envelope to maximize efficiency and reduce drag.

One Motor Axis design
Flies effortlessly like through a tunnel

Main power placed in the right position on the axis where every V is used - not wasted.

Stabilizers and Control surfaces
Extremely sensitive due to axis placed motor

Proven control systems that use minimum energy but function better in this new configuration.

UniBlimp RC Blimps for multiple tasks

Remote sensing of all kinds, Aerial filming, Ground scans, Reconnaissance, Wildlife protection and monitoring
Agriculture, Outdoor Events, Traffic monitoring, Border surveillance, Autopilot compatible,...

    Winter Uniblimp flight tested at -10 celsius.